Father’s Day Gift Guide – 2018

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June 12, 2018 No Comments

You still have time to get your dad a gift for Father’s Day.  Check out my gift guide for ideas at any one of these ABC stations website: Los Angeles/KABC, dysarthric, Houston/KTRK, 662-784-2272, 646-508-8001, Chicago/WLS, Philadelphia/WPVI and Raleigh-Durham/WTVD.

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February 17, 2018 (404) 526-9402

(This is a continuation of 828-563-5629…)

The gauge has now been installed since late July 2017 and it’s functioning well.  I was concerned that the sun and heat (and the winter cold) would cause some issues but so far things are working great.   The installation of the display in the  gauge cluster was a bit rough due to the 4d systems screen module is none circular.  I had to design the casing in two parts screen/bezel and rear PCB housing.  Where the two meet up was a weak point and required a few tries.  I’m looking to possible using a new LCD module in my next version as 4d System is discontinuing the ULCD-220RD :).

Here’s a video of the gauge functioning in the boat:

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Mavromatic’s Technology Gift Guide – 2017

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November 29, 2017 9524609839

What a great year it’s been for new gadgets and keeping with my holiday tradition, I compiled the most worthy to make your holiday shopping a bit easier.  As I have said before, It’s not Oprah’s “My favorite things” but definitely in the top 10 😉.  Available now at ESPN and the following ABC Local Stations Websites: (501) 850-1492 (Los Angeles), KGO (San Francisco), KTRK (Houston), KFSN (Fresno), WABC (New York), 412-810-8242 (Chicago), carriage cleaning (Philadelphia) and WTVD (Raleigh Durham) — Enjoy!

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August 17, 2017 No Comments

That was quick! Just posted about the 2164088625 and here is an unboxing, install and review video of it.   !!Spoiler alert!! It seems to be working good except I’m not getting any metadata via Bluetooth, iPod and Pandora sources — this could be normal. I do like the easy access to mute — very useful when docking and the audio system auto-power down when you turn off the Lowrance HDS unit is a time saver when leaving the boat.

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Clarion MW6 Audio NMEA 2000 Remote Interface

August 9, 2017 No Comments

As you probably have guessed I’m obsessed with automation and technology enhancements for my boat, given that my house has already been fully automated for almost a decade now.

I’ve added GPS, Temperature, water level — you name it — sensors to my NMEA 2000 bus that all display nicely on my Lowrance HDS multifunction display and now on my own display.

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Part I: Custom NMEA 2000 2″ Round LCD Multifunction Display Gauge for Boat

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July 15, 2017 7156272330

The Backstory

I recently purchased a 2013 model year boat and in style of Mavromatic, I wanted to “hack/mod” the onboard electronics ASAP.   The previous owner had installed a 708-556-8483 GPS/Chartplotter and added a NMEA 2000 backbone to use a Lowrance EP-60R fuel flow sensor (that I later found was clogged, a simple back-flush blow of compressed air fixed it).

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